How to Care for Your New Puppy

So! You've gotten a new puppy, who is sweet and adorable. Remember, they'll become a big responsibility, but they more than make up for that responsibility with their undying love and support with kindness and great care. Your puppy is still small, and much like human children, your puppy will need a good place to sleep that feels secure, your puppy will need a lot of hands-on guidance, good food, good veterinary care, and of course, attentive care. Here at iPetsLove, we know there are a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to what kind of dog you and your family want, and would best integrate into your family. Choosing between a large or a small dog, a female or a male dog, choosing one dog, or two for company; they're all important decisions! Especially when you factor in the individual dog's personality. Only you can determine what the best dog is for you and your personality, disposition, and living situation. We recommend that you look through our catalog and purchase these essential products for your new puppy's new beginning. The following products cover the four cornerstones of a happy pet: Home, Training, Food, and Care. These basic but very important cornerstones will go a long way in helping your puppy live a long and happy life with you!


Bed - If you have purchased a dog bed (or lounger), it helps keep your puppy warm, without worrying about him sleeping on the floor. It will also help in training your puppy not to get onto your bed or furniture.

Kennel - It can be easy to forget, but dogs are what are known as "Den Animals", and they feel much safer in a kennel. Kennels also help in house-training your new puppy.


Repellent - Sometimes puppies like to gnaw on things they shouldn't, get into things they shouldn't. Repellents can help keep bad habits from forming.

Treats - Treats are fantastic for helping as a training aid for your puppy, as a reward to look forward to for doing a good job!

Books - There are many books that can help educate you on canine care and their care based on their breed. No matter what it is that you may want help with or need advice on, there's a dog book about it!


Puppy Food - Getting the wrong type of dog food, or changing your puppy's food abruptly can cause diarrhea, nausea, and possible vomiting, due to your puppy's more sensitive digestion. Make sure you pick a food you feel is right for your new puppy, and always give your dog fresh water.

Healthy Coats - Get a Skin and Coat supplement to add to your puppy's food to help them produce and keep a healthy coat, while also reducing shedding! Good for your new puppy and your furniture!

Smaller Puppies - Picky eaters and smaller puppies in general may need a special type of puppy food to help them get healthy and put on a bit more weight. For this, purchase a high-calorie supplement, which will encourage them to eat more, and is full of essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.


Bowls - You'll want to get bowls that are difficult to knock over for your clumsy puppy, but ones that are also easy to clean. Stainless steel tends to do very well at keeping out odors, and for the ease of cleaning, especially when it comes to wet food. Plastic tends to lock odors in and is harder to clean effectively. For larger puppies and dogs, you'll want to get a feeding dish with adjustable heights, as it's harder for them to reach down farther and can cause health issues further down the line.

Nail Clippers & Coagulant - You will need to trim your dog's nails even as a puppy! When trimming your puppy's nails, make sure you don't trim too far or cut into the blood vessels that run through their nails. If this occurs, make sure you have that blood coagulant on hand to help.

Shampoo - Some people ask, can't I just use Human shampoo? Well, Puppy and Dog shampoos have a different pH composition than our shampoo, and so you'll want to use puppy shampoos when they're younger, and dog shampoo when they're older, which will help prevent skin irritation, dull coats, and reducing knots, plus the added bonus of making your puppy smell great!

Puppy Spray & Drops - Make things easy on yourself and your new puppy when you have to take them out, by purchasing these easy to use puppy drops, spray, or housebreaking pads. They exude pheromones that let your puppy use the bathroom in the place you have them outside, and also help guide his natural instinct to go outside, rather than inside, for housebreaking.

Brush/Comb - For short haired puppies, a brush works well, but for medium to long-haired puppies, you should invest in a brush and a comb, along with a de-matting tool.

Identification, Collar, & Leash - With puppies, identification is very important. Microchips and tattoos tend to be the best and easiest method of identification (Must be at least six months old or older), identification tags attached to your puppy's collar also work. If your puppy is excitable and has trouble on a collar, make sure you get a harness instead for your puppy's safety. As far as leashes go, you'll want to pick one that you feel matches what you're looking for - lightweight, extendable, brightly colored as to easily find it, with many different options to choose from!

Stain/Odor Remover - No puppy will be perfect at house training. Sometimes they'll have accidents, but it's okay! That's what stain and odor removers are for, while also keeping your puppy from returning to that area to repeat the problem. Many household tricks and tips to get rid of stains and odors, like vinegar, simply won't get the job done in this case.

Cleanliness - Make sure that their environment is clean. Dirt and contaminants can be harmful to you and your pet. Make sure to wash your hands after cleaning up after your pet or your pet's home.

And always keep in mind that all pets have the possibility of biting or scratching others, and sometimes can spread diseases to humans. Infants, the elderly, young children, pregnant women, and people with compromised immune systems are at greater risk of getting sick. Please use caution when your pet is in contact with these people.

We want to make sure that you know everything when it comes to taking care of your new puppy. These guidelines are here to help both of you live long, happy lives together!

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